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All our adventure tours are designed for those who love active, off-road travel, untouched nature, and authentic experiences. The closest adventure is just 1 hr drive from Belgrade and opens up to endless possibilities, starting from hiking, biking till the ride with fighter aircraft. In SERBIA everything is possible!

Adventurous tourism is connecting people from all over the world with a new culture or a new landscape and the physically active program is a must. For those few days or even 1-2 weeks, adventure lovers can easily become parts of the everyday life in the chosen country. However, it is important to know and respect your limits while you are in an unfamiliar area.


Our list of adventure tourism activities has plenty of options. If you are an adrenaline junkie, don't worry Serbia is your place to visit. 

Spend one week in West Serbia, in the beautiful embrace of the Tara mountain and the Drina river. Beautiful green nature, numerous sport and self-challenging activities,  mouth-watering gastronomy and traditional hospitality are waiting for you.

We can get you to ride on fighter aircraft in Serbia, the sky is (not) the limit. Either alone or in smaller groups, we are ready to prepare you a schedule you will remember of - forever. 


For some people, Hungary is more based in Central, for others in Eastern Europe. Because of its history, coming to the east already means an adventure but are you brave enough? Of course, you are! Apart from the beautiful landscape and endless possibilities, Hungary is also unique for its language which has absolutely no similarities to other languages. Isn't this already a challenging reason to come to "Wild, Wild East"?     

The first and best adventure is to find your way and to understand the local language. Since the land is more or less flat we can offer you a lot of countryside experience from hitchhiking till sailing on one of the biggest lakes in Europe.


The bicycle tours are famous especially when you ride your bike between the local wineries on and offroad as well.


We can take you to a bird watch or you can ride a tank. It is all up to you how far you wanna go.


You don't necessarily have to go base jumping or go scuba diving with sharks to be an adventure tourist (although those activities definitely qualify).

We can make your next trip as amazing as you dreamed about.

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