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Meet Serbia

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

From laid-back afternoons in cafes, incredible nightlife and urban destinations to rural treasures, unforgettable tastes and unspoiled nature, Serbia is a destination you must experience.

Located in southeastern Europe, Serbia is a country known for its warm and friendly atmosphere, great food and stunning locations.

Although Serbia has become known in recent years as one of the best and most diverse destinations in Europe, it remains largely untouched, a hidden gem far from the crowds. Thanks to the mild climate and contrasting landscapes, these regions offer endless possibilities for activities to suit every traveler.

Enjoying Serbian cuisine is the crowning glory of any visit to Serbia. Be sure to try pljeskavica, cevapi and kajmak and drink rakija or one of the incredibly tasty local wines with it.

Serbia's rich history has left a number of captivating sights just waiting for you to discover. Walk through the historic districts of the cities or go in search of hidden historic sites in the countryside. At the end of the day, enjoy an exciting night out in one of Belgrade's many clubs or Novi Sad bars.

"It is important for people to retain their innate temperament through all the centuries and the numerous temptations, and the Serbs, like few in this part of Europe, have succeeded in this."

Ferenc Liszt


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