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Welcome to "the rural capital of the world", welcome to Serbia! The only place on earth where you can stay in the well preserved and quality households and feel the energy of nature, being so close to your soul and body.
Enjoy a stay on one of the farms and experience the morning awakening in the beautiful surrounding, on the fresh air, and with domestic foods and drinks. 

Serbia is ideal for family holidays or rural adventure vacation, for both younger and older generations.

With us, you can pick to stay in one of the farms, where you will get the feeling, the time has stopped and you are actually in a time machine. Why is that?  It simply the easiness,  all "the good old", no stress, no hurry, no technology. It is all about relaxing and enjoying the moment. Of course, in those moments you will also have the opportunity to taste the local, very tasty foods and drinks, prepared in a traditional way, most probably by a grandma. 

In our programs, we can include accommodation, full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner), daily programs, sightseeing tours, and all tailor-made your needs.


You can also become a farmer and participate in the everyday life of the rural community. Have you ever harvested grapes? Did you plant vegetables? Would you like to let your children pet a real donkey?


Send us an inquiry and we will be more than happy to welcome you to the wonderland we live in.


Let the nature come closer to you! 


The countryside in Hungary holds a perpetual cluster of fortunes that are hanging tight for you to find them.
19 counties, 22 wine regions and enormous number of natural wonders are waiting for each traveller who is ready to explore the country, understand the different traditions and habits and try out as many domestic products as possible. We invite you to join us on the journey! 

Abandon the city and a supernatural world will open up to you. Lavish vegetation and energizing fauna, phenomenal tastes joined by a taste of good wine, complex customs and convictions – let local people grasp your hand and lead you into their reality. Incalculable little townhouses offer convenience everywhere throughout the nation – the best (and absolutely generally credible) approach to become more acquainted with the rich rural culture of Hungary.

Can you imagine a better approach to go through your days off than with a glass of radiant Hungarian nectar after all? You'll discover the various regions of the country just simply check our offers. The wines of every regional area have a particular character, just let those wine tell their stories. 

Although Hungarians are very proud of their wines, it is not the only reason why to go rural here. It also the numerous amount of private manufacturers who are putting a lot of effort to create domestic and healthy products. 

You just need to come to Hungary and give us the opportunity to create your Hungarian experience. 

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