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Time for yourself. Simple as that. You deserve it and you most probably need it. Our proposal for you is to spend some time in Serbia and let us arrange your holiday. There is no stress, no hurry, no phone calls to make - we can manage it for you and let you enjoy your time fully. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful to spend some days far away from your home, work, daily tasks, problems, stress? Just to be alone and forget about all that?

Our proposal is to "run away from home " and come to Serbia. 

It is not only about the great accommodation possibilities, fresh and healthy food, water from the mountains, but also about the quality time you can spend to become the best version of yourselves. 


Serbia still has very affordable prices when it comes to different beauty treatments, so why not spoiling yourself with a visit to hairdresser's, get yourself a manicure and pedicure, do some refreshing cosmetical treats...

It might sound like an offer targeting our dear ladies, but we think everybody deserves to spend some time dedicated to him/herself and flourish at the end on both, physical and psychical level.

So, book those free days in your calendars, e-mail us your wishes and we will put together the best YOU package. 


Hungary is very famous and well-known for its thermal water and a large number of spas and baths which can be found across the country. They say you only have to dig a hole in Hungary to find thermal water. ‘Taking the waters’ has been a part of everyday life here for centuries, and the spas are must-see sights.

With over 1,500 hot springs running beneath its surface and more medicinal spas than any other European country, Hungary is a hot spot for thermal baths. Since Roman times, thermal waters in Hungary have been used for their medicinal benefits. You can find a variety of styles, from traditional Turkish baths to modern establishments. 


Budapest has earned the nickname City of Spas, while across Hungary thermal baths complexes can be found with unique qualities and medicinal benefits. The world’s largest natural thermal lake can be also found in Hungary.

Could you imagine a bath in this largest natural thermal lake? Our offers for Héviz include not only the bathing but can also include some medical treatments in the top 4 and 5-start hotels which will be good for your body and soul.  

Some facts about Lake Héviz: 

  • the water temperature may reach 23-25 °C in winter and 33-36 °C in summer

  • in winter the lake provides a spectacular and unique experience when the condensed steam forms a steam cap on the top of the lake surface to keep the water warm

  • it is the oldest and most famous thermal bath in Hungary can take pride in a history of over 2,000 years

Just pack your bags and leave the rest to us!

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