It is a great feeling to work in a team, and the teams need to have some time to get to know each other and strengthen their relationship at work. It is already proven that team-building activities are boosting productivity and helping with better collaboration among team members and the execution of their to do's. Our proposal for team-building gathering for each type of company. 


Make your team stronger by making memories together. Spend quality time together, play, compete, have fun with a purpose, and strengthen your business. All this in the most beautiful mountain scenery with professional teams to facilitate the activities.

We prepared a suggested program for you in the beautiful mountainous region of West Serbia, to enjoy authentic culture, meals made from home-grown produce, and amazing nature.

Of course, we can organize team-buildings across the whole SEE region, or combine 2-3 countries and make the whole adventure even more interesting. Apart from the very basic team-building activities, we can brainstorm and prepare a tailored-made offer for your company, upon your wishes. 


Day 1 – Arrival and Orientation

  • Alpha Travel Meet & Greet Service

  • Orientation and information about the program

  • Optional group activity or spa time

Day 2 – Ice-breakers & setting the atmosphere

  • Chosen group activity

  • Lunch in a restaurant by the waterfall

  • Afternoon activity

  • Planning the next days’ creative work

Day 3 – Focus & creativity

  • Workshop/training in hotel conference halls

  • After lunch workshop/training part 2

  • In the evening chosen evening/night activity

Day 4 – Assess work & free time

  • Assessing workshop/training results

  • Lunch at a local restaurant

  • Strategic planning for the return to work

  • Excursion

  • Cocktail in the hotel or town


For Corporate

Rafting adventure

Offroad jeep ride

A trip to ethnic village Drvengrad

A trip to Tara and Perućac lake



Vrtna ulica 15.



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