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In the last decade the number of wellness hotels and spas as well as aquaparks in Serbia increased quite significantly and we can proudly say that the choice is rich. Be it a 3-4-5-star hotel, we can assure you that the services you are going to get will be highly professional and that the personnel will be kind and helpful.

Located in the southeast of Europe, Serbia is a country well known for its warm and friendly atmosphere, great food, and breathtaking locations.

Spa tourism in Serbia has a long tradition.

The thermal and thermo-mineral springs in our country have been used by the Romans for centuries and in various ways. From the first decades of the 19th century, hot and mineral water sources in Serbia have attracted the attention of experts and scientists, especially doctors.

Wellness tourism in Serbia today can offer you much more. In the last decade, the country's focus was on establishing and investing in new wellness hotels which can offer a wide range of service to their guests. We can say that the majority of the wellness hotels are new and can offer great value for the given prices. Apart from the accommodation and wellness services, there is a wide range of possibilities for how to enjoy the nature and Serbian mountains' fresh air.  

Let's not forget also about the delicious Serbian cuisine which is served with lot of care and love. 


Hungary is very well known for its thermal bath culture, but might not be so promoted for its great choice of Wellness and Spa hotels across the country. Be it a part of a rural offer or a five-star hotel, you will not make a mistake. We can help you in choosing the right holiday package for you. 

Hungary has an estimated 1,300 thermal springs, a third of which are used at spas across the country.  Only France, Japan, Iceland, and Italy have similar thermal water capacity.

Hungary's thermal baths have been used for 2,000 years for cleansing, relaxation and easing aches and pains. The Romans were the first to use Hungary's thermal waters in the first century when they built baths on the banks of the Danube River. Budapest lies on a geological fault that separates the Buda hills from plains. More than 30,000 cubic meters of warm to scalding (21° to 76°C) mineral water gushes from 118 thermal springs[8] and supply the city's thermal baths.

Using the thermal waters and the different opportunities which Hungary is offering you can have a wide range of ideas on how to spend your vacations. There are numerous hotels - from 3-to-5 stars, which are equipped with unique wellness solutions in order to please their guests. You can find hotels which are more focusing on families by offering a lot of excitement and adventure to the children, but also some beautiful and romantic places which are all about pleasure. 

This summer is all about wellness and selfness time, spend it wisely - in Hungary. 

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