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Trabant Tour (private tour)

Have you heard about Trabant Car but never tried it? Take a deep breath and travel back in time. Enjoy the comfort of a Trabant and feel how Hungarians travelled a few decades earlier. Book your Trabant Tour and romp around with us.


- Great stories about communist Hungary
- Opportunity to drive the Trabant

Some facts about the Trabant cars

Trabant cars were manufactured in Zwickau (formerly East Germany).
The Trabant 601 was produced for almost 30 years (1963-1991) without any major changes.
During this long production period, a total of 2.818.547 Trabant 601s were produced, and it was the most widely used vehicle in the former East Germany.
The body of the car is made of thermoset (recycled material, cotton waste and phenolic resins)
The Trabant cars have a 2-stroke engine (26 hp from 600 cm³ displacement)
It needs 21 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h


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